Rituals Meditation


When we met with the team tasked to come up with realizing a new concept for a Rituals Spa, a place where shopping individuals would be able to relax, we showed them everything Virtual Reality had to offer. Together with TopLife, a company specialized in meditation and coaching, we pitched several ideas and the real time Virtual Reality Meditation impressed the most. We presented several concepts around VR Meditation and our client chose one of them. This project was chosen because of the high fidelity that could be reached with 3d scanned assets, because it was easy to make changes if needed, interaction within the application would feel more natural than for instance a 360 video. Also the whole project, including possible changes, would be less expensive in the long run.

Even though Rituals financed the project, after phase 1 of the project they decided that the project did not fit their needs. This meant we now had a perfectly good draft of the application, but it was an unfinished product. We decided to finish the application on our own to try and sell it to others. After finishing the 18 minute meditation application our partner Toplife is putting it in the market.


First off I started out with searching for reference and creating moodboards. Next up we did a block out of the levels and I decided what should be created by our own team and what could be found and / or bought online. Early on in the project I decided to use Quixel’s 3d scanned asset library for the project. We looked at other alternatives but none had a similar price quality ratio. This was before Quixel became free for the unreal users. We also bought several packages on The Unreal Marketplace.

We then built the levels and the game logic. In the beginning the emphasis of the project was on interaction, but this was later dropped by the client. There were going to be 6 levels based on 3 themes so each theme would have 2 levels. The themes were earth, water and air. The first 2 levels would be earth so that is where we started. The blockout for the 2 earth levels and the second water level I did together with a colleague. We rotated the levels among each other to make sure the quality of both levels were top notch. After the blackout fase I did a first lighting pass to make sure everything was perfect and as a result of this some smaller changes to the blockouts were made by me. The first water level was bought in the Unreal marketplace and slightly altered by me. All the level concepts were thought out by me and I build 95% of the earth levels and the second water level. Both air levels were done by a colleague. Eventually I fine tuned the second air (space) level. No images of these levels are displayed here because I feel that most of the credits go to the person who actually built them.

For the 3 levels, being earth 1 & 2 and Water 2, I did the worldbuilding, path creation, LOD oversight, lighting, optimizations and most of the bug fixen and quality control. Besides working along the project team I was also responsible for planning, budget, meetings and presentations.

Client:  Rituals – Toplife


Quixel Bridge

Unreal Engine