Philips Healthcare


We made this application for potential customers of Philips Healthcare to let them experience that an operation room does not need to be upgraded all at once but can be dan on a modular basis as well. At first the application needed to run real time on a laptop, later on when this was done we were asked to render 360° video’s of the application for use on social media and mobile virtual reality devices. In the end there were several different versions that came along with every type of operation room.


For this application I have been responsible for de-ressing most of the medical equipment, modelling the modular building pieces for the hallways, the camera movement, shading and rendering. Both the real time as the pre-rendered part. Besides this I also did all of the optimizations and blueprint code for the project and I led the the freelancer that worked along on this project.

Client:  Philips Healtcare



Unreal Engine