Graduation Project


The goal of my specialization and graduation project was to deepen my environment art and environmental storytelling skills. In the specialization stage we needed to research the project and in the graduation stage we needed to build it. We needed to hand in a document describing our progress over the project. Images from that document can be found in the making of video.

My Final product was a room that was fictively inhabited by 3 great minds of the past century being Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs. The architecture of the room was based on the Prairie school style by Frank Lloyd Wright.


First I started with researching all three individuals. Because the room would be an important character I also did research into Frank Lloyd Wright and eventually landed on his Prairie school style for the Room. After some initial blockouts of the room I decided on the scale. After thorough research on each of the main characters both textual as visual i created an asset list and started working from there. For all the models I created I also did the UV’s and the materials. During my model period I also did some test renders so once I was ready to render out the whole project I would have a better understanding of the render settings and quality. Once all the modeling was done I created some camera movements and started the render process. In the end I needed to edit the video’s en create some beauty renders for the handin.

Everything you see on this page is created by me with the exception of the photos and scanned documents etc.

My graduated mark was a 8/10.

Client:  Personal Project




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