The goal of the project was to create an explainimation on how companies could save on their energy bill by using the Flowscope and other VP-Instruments products. VP-instruments already had a model that needed to be adjusted and de-ressed. For the video we added animation, voice-over and some other elements to guide the interest of the viewer.


For the VP-Instruments project I de-ressed the whole model. Once this was done I started out on a high detailed model of the Flow Scope. Next up was detailing out the animation and creating the left over elements like the icons, piping and animations for various items. Once everything was done a render setup was created by me and lighting and shading was created and adjusted to the customers liking. Once the video was done a preview was sent away for a voice over. Finally everything was edited together.

Client:  VP-Instruments



Unreal Engine

After Effects